Disney Land Paris – Single Parent Adventure.


The preparation was crazy, I am obsessed with check lists so I created one (if you would like a copy to help with your Disney Land Paris trip drop me a comment).

Everyone said how crazy I was to be doing it on my own, “ what if you lose him, what if he runs off” I repeatedly back lashed against them as I knew it would be fine. I know I am a good parent and would do everything to keep my baby safe.

It really bugs me when other people doubt your ability to parent nowhere is safe in the world and why should I also let the fact I am a single mum stop my son experiencing the world.

I booked through Disney Land Paris direct and have a deal where you paid for 2 nights and you got 2 nights free so the duration of the stay was for 4 nights and 5 days for a cost of £650, this included breakfast and euro star tickets.

We were going to be at Disney for my sons second birthday so paid £130 extra to get character breakfast on his birthday and a birthday cake.

We could have flown but decided to take the euro star, due to Reginald still being in a pram when tired I thought it was easiest option.

I had done some research and had read that other parents of toddlers couldn’t recommend it enough and saved the hassle of strict security and limited luggage allowance.

They were completely right, the morning of the trip we got the tube to St Pancras where we had a smooth check in (you have to be there at least 30 minutes before, I would suggest getting there an hour early) and security checks and I had a large back pack, small back pack, changing back and a carrier bag of snacks and drinks which by the way you are aloud to take food through and drink so saves a fortune on the journey as you can take a pack lunch.


We had a small wait (30 minutes) then went up to the platform, we got on the train and I was able to put my luggage easily on the racks and fold my buggy down, a lovely lady just blocked the door so Reg couldn’t run off in the process but he had his reins on anyway but just for extra precaution it was reassuring.

We got into our allocated seats and it was clean and comfortable, we were going to be on this train for an hour and a half before getting to our change in Lille Europe, there was no plugs but I had a battery pack so didn’t bother me.

Reginald does not have a I pad or any sort of technology as of yet as I am yet to introduce it (want him to occupy himself with toys like the old days, want to keep him away until he needs it. My own choice and don’t judge anyone that uses them to occupy I am sure they are a god send) so Reg had some toys, colouring and a few books to play with which did him just fine. He loved the whole concept of being with his mummy and knowing we were on a adventure so he took it all in his stride and spent most of the first train ride looking out the window.

We arrived at Lillie Europe station where we had a hour and half way until connecting train to Disney, this was handy to me as we went to the shopping centre opposite and got some food and chilled out, ready for our 2 hour connecting train.

Once Reg had eaten and we had boarded the next train he had fallen asleep, the train manager helped me get everything on and get Reg in his seat without disturbing him which was a great help.

This train had plugs and was a little nicer, the seats were sooooo comfy!

We arrived at Disney Land Train Station (it is literally right outside the park) you could have paid for Disney Express where you give them your bags and they hold them for you to go straight into the park but it was 2pm and due to travelling I wanted to get back to the room to get changed and freshen up so we got a short bus to Hotel Cheyenne (could have walked but was slightly tired so got the bus) we had a smooth check in and got a birthday pack for Reg which was lovely.

We then headed to the room which was big, had 2 double beds and was tidy and had a cow boy theme, it was basic but did the job.

We were informed the parade would be at 5pm so we headed to the park for that time so we could see the parade, get some dinner and grab an early night ready for a day of fun the next day.

I had a budget of £250 a day which is what I had researched.

On the first night and first time finding somewhere to eat it was apparent the following things:

  • Most French are rude.
  • In January it is FREEZING
  • It’s expensive, VERY expensive.
  • Everything is easy to access
  • Pram friendly. However, it is a case of buggy wars as they are everywhere.
  • Pre-book any meals during your stay, there are long queues in the evenings.
  • If you can afford to, book half board it will save you a fortune.

We chose to eat in the main diner in the Disney Land Park and we got the following:

  • Children’s Meal: 4 Nuggets, Chips and a small drink 14.50euro
  • My Meal: 8 Nuggets, Chips and large coke 19.00euro

We had a quick dinner due to being on the move so much, we explored the options around the park and actually found the £28.99euro all you can eat option at the hotel was the easiest due to not having to pay for Reg as I could just combine the food on to 2 separate plates.

Just to make note, in the winter seasons the park shuts at 7/8pm and there is not much to do in the evening as nowhere has any evening entertainment so I would make sure you leave your evening meal till later as if your anything like me and my son on holiday we like to do stuff at night time so got a little bored.

Instead of going to in-depth I am going to give you some reviews on the things we did that we loved and can recommend and a over-view of the shop prices and extras you can buy whilst your out there.

Character breakfast: This was amazing and have a number of different Disney characters
but I would suggest that prior to your visit make sure your kids have seen episodes with goofy in as he’s quite scaryred-cake to see in the suit and my son was not sure on him as had never seen him before.

The team at the Mickeys Café Restaurant (this is where they hold the character breakfast) were amazing and once they realised it was Reginalds birthday they got the whole place singing happy birthday and brought out a cake (we had paid for one at the evening meal so this was a complete surprise).

The breakfast was a good variety of hot and cold options and was well worth the money.

Frozen Live: This by far was my favorite part of the holiday, we went TWICE.

It is not reafrozenlly promoted a great deal but pick up a leaflet with times and locations of whats on (ask at information desk or hotel) and check what time it is in English.

Its easy to get too and they even have a good Frozen merchandise shop (small olaf teddy cost me 20euro so its pricey but they have some really good things on it for little girls especially).

My son is 2 and sat through the whole thing, it features all the songs of frozen and small intervals where they talk but it kept Reg going and his face was a picture, they even add snow machine for effect which was amazing.

Buzz and Woody Meet and Greet: This was amazing, Buzz was short and sweet but Woody woodywent out the way to spend time with my son and even had a short walk with him (we even got to spend some time with him again later on as Woody knew how much Reg adored him and invited us back). Check your information leaflets to find out where your children’s favourite characters are for meet and greets through out the day.

Walt Disney Studios: This section is brilliant for kids contains rides and loads of things to adventure round and see, due to it being -4 and Reg being so young we did not go on any rides it just wants the time or the weather for it.


Toy story land: My son is a huge fan of toy story so was a big fan of this section of the park, make sure you follow it round to the back as there is a giant Rex that my son adored and wouldn’t leave until he had roared his heart out to it, it does talk and interact so was great to see Reg’s reaction.

Daily Parade: This was amazing, they state that it starts at 5 but it never usually gets going till 5:15pm people start lining up on the streets for it s early as 4 pm. I headed and situated us near where the parade comes out of its just as you enter the park on the left you can see the big gates where it comes out of. It was the perfect spot and got to the front every time (its also close to walkway under cover if it rains and toilets) the music is loud and the kids all enjoy it, the parade interacts with the crowd but I will add it’s the same routine and same song over and over again so we only saw it 3 times as got boring (Reg wasn’t bored but I decided to explore other things on the park)

Dream show:  This is at the castle at 7PM at night (or closing time in the summer) it was amazing. They play short clips of Disney films on the castle and let off fireworks.
There is also loads of lights and stuff to keep the kids mesmerised.

It is pointless to see from the back to I would suggest to head as close as the castle at around 6:30PM grab a coffee (4euro) and wait for the magic to happen!castle

Day time shows: There are various parades and appearances from princess’s to lion king during the day, use your information leaflet to plan.

It will tell you where and what time it will be so plan around that J

Golden Nugget Restaurant: This is located in the wild west part, this is on the right hand side of the entrance. They do daily puppet shows whilst you eat and it is 14euro a kids meal and 24euro for adults.

The show was ok better for older kids, my son who is 2 was not interested.

Disney Shops: They are dotted all over the park as you would expect but here are some prices so you can prepare:

Blanket – 30euro

Magnet – 7euro

Light up spinning character – 13 euro

Small teddy – 25euro

Large teddy – 50 euro

Bath toy packs – 25euro

Character clothing from – 25euro

I was limited to bring back presents as it is so expensive.

Planet Hollywood Restaurant: This is located before you enter either of the parks, I loved it here.

The waiter was amazing and there is a large bar with lots of alcoholic options for when you want to wind down after a long day at the park.

The meal in total for Kids meal and me to have 3 courses and a JD and coke was 79euro.

In the 5 days I was there I spent just over £1200 and I did not have a great deal to show for it, we didn’t go mad in the shops and Reggie was good and didn’t demand anything.

I will say it was far too cold for young children in January it his -4 and it was hard to enjoy even with the million layers we had on.

It may be better to look at easter where it is slightly warmer or if you still want to go during festive season, pack like you would if you were going skiing because it is bitterly cold and sometimes wet.

Over all I had the best time just me and my son, I was so happy it went better then what everyone said it would.smile

Its not as hard as you think it will be, research and plan and go with what ever hurdles you come across on the holiday.

Our biggest hurdle was the cold, I did not expect it to be that cold but as they say live and learn and know for definite I hate the cold and so does Reg!

Any other questions just drop a comment or DM me on twitter @chelsearubyyx

Happy reading x


6 thoughts on “Disney Land Paris – Single Parent Adventure.

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi I love this! I’m a single mum 2 and I’m taking my little girl to dlp in June (although I’m taking my mum as I’m not as brave as u 2 do it alone lol!) I would love a copy of ur checklist as i love 2 no exactly what I’m doing even though i don’t go for months lol!


  2. Zoe Webb says:

    OK I have so many questions I am also a single parent. I am taking my five year old son. Your budget if £250 a day did you have the food packages included or not? Was it just the two of you? We go in February and I havent budgeted that much we go from 15th-19th Feb


  3. Georgie says:

    Love this. I am a single mom and have booked to take my 2 year old, then 3 next june. (Early i know but we are going for 6 days in the disney hotel so wanted to get it sorted). Do you think 6 days will be too long? i have added full board plus dinning so we get breakfast, dinner and lunch. I was planning on taking £150-£200 per day, do you think this will be enough? I wont be buying much as we will be flying so restricted really. Thankyou xxxx


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