Opinions are not facts – you do you honey.

image.jpegThis is something i feel strongly about, i spend my time reminding myself of this most days. We get so caught up in our everyday life we forget about whats actually important and we let the stupidest things get our back up (i am guilty of this all the time).

Those disturbed nights sleep, Screaming fits, hyper toddlers and various other draining things that involves being a mum makes us pretty vulnerable to the public and all those close to us.

The biggest question we have to ask ourselves is why the fuck do we care? who cares if Barbara started weaning her baby at 3 months, who cares if beryl likes to go out drinking with her friends on the weekend every now and then, who cares if you think you should be putting shoes on babies? the list could go on and i do not care what anyone says there is a world full of opinions out there and we aren’t afraid to voice them which is perfectly fine, freedom of speech and all that bullshit but does not mean any of them are right or wrong.

We let opinions effect our every day life, we let it effect the way we bring up our children because Barbara said you should not give your baby baby rice at 3 months cause shit has changed over the years and apparently now its “not ok”. Who says Barbara is right? who gives a shit about what she thinks? Parent hood should not be driven by opinions its a case of trial and error, there is no text book child and not everything will work for you like it did for others.

We wont ever be able to stop people’s opinions and we certainly wont be able to stop the “know it all’s” comment on your parenting skills but what we can do is change the way we think about it, how we take that opinion. We all need to remember opinions are NOT facts, we should NOT let them make us feel less of parent. We are all incredible parents who are fighting our own parenting battle.

My toddler is no way perfect and neither am i, i still love having a social life. People will ALWAYS have an opinion on the way i lead my life away from my son but i do not give 2 hoots because my life works for MY family and peoples opinions wont ever stop me from doing ME.

I bring my son up how the fuck i want and if you do not like it then tough, i spend too much money on his clothes, i want him to travel the world, i believe being a working mum is best for HIM but it might not work for you but once again we ask who cares?

The amount of sly digs i did/still get about the upbringing of my son is a joke, people try and sugar coat it by saying some bullshit like “only saying cause i care” or “just thought would say, sorry to intrude” its like come on be honest you are calling me a shit mum get on with it and stop being nice!

If people spent more time supporting people’s choices and not going against them then parenthood would be a much easier journey but it wont ever stop we just need to know as a network of parents we all go through it and we need to make sure we ALWAYS remember opinions are not facts and they wont ever be so keep doing YOU and never stop.

Your child wont love the people telling you whats right or wrong, they will always love YOU no matter what.

All a child needs is love, food on the table, guidance and a roof over their head and if they have that then who the hell are we to question?

From one parent to another – i salute you.




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