Taking that leap..

People wonder how, what and why I have decided to take my son back packing so here it is.

I have been thinking about doing it before but I was unsure on if I could do it and that was with my little boys dad so put it off.

I had long haul holidays planned but travelling is a different ball game.

I see so many negative comments about travelling with a young child but I have also read some pretty inspirational blogs that was enough to confirm it would be the most amazing challenging chapter of our lives.

I used Disney Land as a tester, we took the euro star so was on and off trains with a large back pack and buggy and had lots of tests along the way but Reg was good as gold, I didn’t even need technology to keep him occupied.

The main test at Disney was making sure I could cope just us 2 in a busy place, it went so well and learnt that the best thing in life with a toddler is a stroller and reins.

As soon as i completed Disney as a single parent for 5 days I knew i was up for another adventure but this time one somewhere hot.

I started reading blogs (suggest that you do loads of research as it will make your mind up instantly) tips and tricks on how it works travelling in Thailand with a toddler and saw how may people do it.

Flights are ridiculously cheap and that is without big waiting gaps, I will update everyone with my experience but read everywhere the child needs their own seat, a night flight and a small waiting gap if the flights are not direct so I have followed that.

We only have 2 hour gap between flights there and back and both night flights so fingers crossed it goes well.

I wont lie I am nervous but I know its what me and my son are destined to do.

I worked abroad as a teenager and I have always been a jet setter its in my nature.

The world is out there and there is so much to learn from it. I want Reg to experience different cultures and that when hes older there is more to life then his home town.

We can get so stuck in our every day lives we forget the beautiful places we have in the world.

I have had many negative comments but what is negative about showing my son another country, another language, different types of food, beautiful islands and building and creating memories with his mother.

It is dangerous but its dangerous here in the UK you hear of people being shot in Spain so nowhere is safe.

I refuse to let my son grow up in fear of the world, there are precautions to take and basic safety to remember but millions of people travel the world each year.

I am currently doing some deep research on the safest places, the places that will educate Reg and also myself.

I will be making sure I make daily contact with Reg’s dad and let him know of my hotel and destination and hotel contact details this is to ensure if we don’t contact to ring hotel and if no luck then to worry.

I am taking a spare phone just in case mine is stolen so this is well thought of and planned trip.

I am beyond grateful to my sons Dad for letting me take him but he knows that I will keep Reg safe and its a trip of a lifetime.

He may be 2 years old but this is a start of many adventures, I plan to spend at least 3 weeks a year travelling a country and educating Reg in different cultures.

The best way for him to learn is to see it for himself, I can not wait to go now and will keep you all updated in my progress leading up to the trip.

I went back to work after 3 months and missed so much of my sons life, I feel guilty so now I have saved some money and taking a break to travel with my son.

I am also doing blog VIA instagram then publish on here when I am back, I will upload a picture from each place we visit and our highs and lows of that place.

I am hard working single parent that wants to give my son the world, I am not rich and I do not have rich parents.

Anyone can do this if they put their mind to it, it all starts with a £537 flight for you and your child…


[If anyone would like to know where I found our flights and wants more information about what I have found regarding spending money please let me know I am more then happy to help]



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