Bright side of life.

Before this starts, if you have decided being a parent is your path of life, i am ever so sorry this could be a bit teasing and very irrelevant but i am more then sure your bundle of joy will give you a different sense of happiness.

(I am now a mummy and I am basing this blog post back to when I worked abroad)
So, done with crap relationships? ones that last about a year and a half max you think you know what love is and you THINK your ready to settle.
Friends? that moment where you get the words friends and acquaintances mixed up and you feel they only want you when they want a night out?
School? Seems that working hard for those GCSEs turned out a waste cause the winning prize of school leavers seems to be pregnancy.
Lots of things make you sit there and realise there is more to life then these horrible habit’s the world has fallen in to.
Truth is life has not even begun and all that you thought you knew you really do not have a clue about.

Now lets get to the point, people who will get this post get an unknown feeling of warmth in their body when they read the word SUMMER, for me it brings a lot of memories and makes me feel still young and euphoric.
For me it means that its time to get that flight you wait a long cold a miserable 6 months for, you work day after day and save all that money that you’ve slaved away for on minimum wage and put it towards feeling ALIVE.
I don’t know about you but if i had to sum my life up in one word it would be wanderlust, there is NO better feeling then booking a one way flight and not know when your coming back to the UK.

For someone reading this who has not got a clue what its like to do this and not know what a summer abroad consists of, i am going to let you in for a treat, ignore the bad things you have heard because there is no negativity involved.


The day is here your boarding your plane, its finally time to forget all that crap thats been stressing you out, its time to forget about your life in the UK and feel that it is non existent.
Its time to feel what it means to be alive, spending the summer with a family you have only know for a matter of weeks and the funniest thing is you probably do not even know most of their surnames yet you class them as your best friends.
A world where for once the only time you care about social networks is to tell you mam your safe(or for money) and to upload pictures to show everyone back home what an incredible life you are currently living and let me just add this will be done by putting a euro into a computer (all you can afford to waste on it), this is one of the things i LOVE about
the summer life in the sun, social networks become irrelevant. The only way to communicate with people is by speaking and even knocking on their apartment door to see if they wanna come to pre lash or if they wanna go to the pool. You will use your phone for the right reasons and thats to capture unforgettable memories with people you will never forget.
You are finally in a world where you meet friends that are on the same page, your crap up bringing or silver spoon lifestyle is not even asked upon or even mentioned. Its about being yourself and being loved for that reason, you may never speak to some of these people again but they will have left a foot print on your heart and they have helped make this journey an unforgettable one. Its a magic little world beneath the sun, this is where you find out what YOUTH is really about and the real reason for happiness in your teens/20s. Do not get me wrong you will see fights and arguments but these are usually by unhappy tourists and by the kind of people you have left behind.
Money is finally not the motive, you work for pennies but you do not care because you are having the time of your life. You might be living of euro rolls and cheap wine but the people that are surrounding you make you feel like your living a million dollar life style.
Its not about how big your house is and expensive clothes or even if you drive a nice car and the only things you will find luxury is a 3 course meal that cost more then 10euro and a REAL bottle of vodka oh and how can i forget having AIR CON.
I always get this moment it will be when i img_3371am surrounded by my new found crazy family and it happens quite a few times through out the summer and i will look around and actually become some sort of religious freak cause in my head i would thank god for life and for letting me be in this exact moment because in that moment i would reach the peak of happiness and would pray in my mind that i could just stay in this exact moment forever. Maybe in the UK this moment would happen a lot if we had a proper summer but lets be real we don’t.

As for summer romances well.. some people think its about sleeping with the whole alphabet but well if you want to its not frowned upon but it appears the experience your having is shared not multiplied in most cases, most will meet someone and fall head over heels with them (well think) the feeling you get is intense, there is no pressure and certainly no busy bodies getting involved saying their opinions which is why i think it works so well.

Then you have the friend with ultimate benefits that no matter what each other says they do get a tiny bit jealous when they see one another PRing and chatting up fit girls/guys but you don’t make drama about it as well, life is much better then that.
No matter the fling you may get involved in it may just last the summer (for life if your a lucky one) and when you have to part ways you will be little bit heartbroken end of season, it is sure you will never ever ever forget them but its more then sure you will be over them by the minute you land as the heart break of being back in the UK takes over.

I could spend days writing about summer antics and emotions that it has with me but my aim is to re kindle it for old workers and inspire new..

So for some people when you hear the word summer you think mmm 5* hotel in the sun or a few festivals and a cheap holiday.

For me and many others this flashes through our minds:
The ball of continuous nights out, breath taking moments, summer family, crap food, deathly alcohol, stupid dares, euro rolls,silly summer romances, sun dyed hair, doctor trips, near death quad bike experiences, annoying tourists, money problems, trying to remember last night, waking up in a random place, ticket seller rivalry and so much more.

I got my one way ticket and i will never ever look back

“no regrets” x


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