Lonely? Fabulous

“Single is not a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others”



I look around me and all i see is happy couples, babies and wedding plans.
Im just sat here wondering what take away to order and getting prepared to moan about getting fat.
The only lasting and trustworthy relationship i seem to have is with a bottle of wine or my mobile phone. It appears us singletons are always seeing the depressing side of it and dreaming of meeting mr right, well maybe we should be counting our blessings? one day we will meet Mr/Mrs Right and then we will lose this freedom but gain some other sort of freedom.

Being single means we are independent and we get to do what we want whenever we want and yes that means we get to watch whatever we want on the TV and you wont believe it but see all that cake? you will not have to share it, how fabulous?

There comes a point when we will sit there and you will start to get that lonely feeling (it sucks) we are programmed to miss someone we shouldn’t or we will start to feel sad but its about time we should turn lonely into a positive thing, lonely should be a good thing because when we are 40 with 4 kids this lonely time where we have no commitments and no one to answer to will be potentially the best times in your life to do things.
So finish of your cake, turn those sad songs off and lets turn lonely time into positive time.

This is the time to plan those holidays, get togethers or maybe to just call an old friend and catch up?
Lonely is not a bad thing, its a feeling to remind yourself that your not done with your youth just yet.

Its easy to fall into that state of mind where all you see is happy couples and babies blah blah blah but it will come when the time is right and if its not happened yet then use the time to get out there, do things you have never done before because Mr/Mrs Right could be waiting right at the end of your comfort zone, bet you never thought of it like that?

Depending on how old you are you could have had a few bad relationships, tried to put a broken mirror back together too many times and ended up with scars? maybe if you have what i call a hangeroner (yes i made that word up) this is an ex that you cant quite let go of, the one you think of when your lonely. Just let go and think to yourself its not meant to work right now, right now you are on your own, on your own to stand tall and its your time to make whatever memories you want without any boundaries and yes thats anything you want.
A lot of couples regret the things they wish they did, do not let yourself be that person because you will favour this lonely time more then you will ever realise if you use this time wisely.
There is no age limit on lonely, lonely can be old it can be young but one thing i know is lonely is a good thing, lonely should bring youth and bring ideas, bright ideas that you will look back at and smile and say ” My lonely time was MY time and i sure as hell owed it”


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