Single mum fights back.

smileThis is for every single mother out there, whether you have been put in this situation recently or have always been a single parent. I’m about to hit back ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป

So, it’s about time someone fought back!

I was in a relationship for 4 and half years, had the perfect family and you know what it didnt work out. Unfortunately that’s life and some things just don’t!

So, in some cases I feel worse off because I had that family life and now I don’t and you know what? Breaks my heart some days because I never wanted my son to come from a broken home, who would?

I am so sick and tired of going on days out with my son and getting looked at like a piece of dirt.

I will go out for dinner just me and my son to have death stares, I can feel the judgmental eyes stabbing me repeatedly screaming look at her on her own with her child “eurgh another single mum what a shame”.

So, I am about to let them judgmental idiots know a few things.

I am single mum and bloody good one. I SINGLE handedly go to work full time and then come home and cook,clean,bath and do bed time.

I may be about to shatter inside because I haven’t had a break or a minute to myself in 8 days because it’s “not dads weekend” but I carry on, with a huge smile because I am STRONG.

I tackle the food shop, daily chores, school run, bills, rent and any other life hurdle by myself with no assistance which I think I heard makes me a super hero/mum.

I sometimes cry because I wish things were different but I know this is the best thing to happen for my self and my son as there is no such thing as a perfect family unit and me and his dad are better off apart.

I have to watch my son cry for his daddy when he leaves and also tell him “you’ll see him next weekend” when he hurts himself and cries out for him.

I have to fight through any bad day of mine and make it irrelevant because unfortunately tonight I don’t have a man who comes home who can watch my son whilst I make myself a decent dinner or have a chilled bath.

Yes I chose to have a baby, yes I chose to step up and it’s the BEST thing I ever did but some of us didn’t plan for it to be done alone because I certainly didnt.

There are so many struggles being a single parent but you know what? They don’t mean shit because that little human me and his dad made cracks that smile and gives me that goodnight cuddle and kiss and makes the daily struggles worth it.

Its not double the responsibility it’s double the love.

My sons Dad is a great Dad and helps where needed but it doesn’t ease off the fact I am on my own week after week.

So, to the women who look down on that single mum..

That single mum could have taken weeks to brave it out on her own.

She could be breaking in side but staying strong for her child and you know what, that strong, caring single mum you are looking down on is probably a better mum then you’ll ever be.

๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป Thanks for reading, I feel better for getting that of my chest.

Read, relate and share x




2 thoughts on “Single mum fights back.

  1. Hi, I was a single mum for 14 years, bought up my daughter on my own. I was happy and contended and yes, it is tough at times. I felt that loneliness and isolation too. But don’t kid yourself into thinking that every smug married woman is entirely happy and fulfilled in her marriage. Marriage can be lonely and difficult. A lot of my married friends envied my independence.
    I am married now and have 2 more kids. I am doing ok but wouldn’t say that marriage is a bed of roses at all. My daughter is now grown up and she is a happy confident woman. We have always been very close and she is certainly not the odd one out amongst her friends.
    Stay strong, believe in yourself. It sounds as though you are doing great, and enjoy your independence!
    Jules xx


    • This is amazing to read, I’m so glad for social media sometimes because reading this brings comfort. Some days I feel like I’m letting him down, next I’m judged and then some days I feel like an absolute boss at motherhood and wouldn’t want it any other way.
      I know being strong is what my son needs and I will continue to do so.

      Thank you for reading and commenting I hope your on the path you deserve โค๏ธ

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