Right or wrong? How about neither!

img_3605I think we all need to face a fact and that is there is no right or wrong with parenting. Some things will work for you but not for others, that’s just how it goes.

We spend too much time over thinking and seeking approval when really we should just trust our instincts.

You may want your child to wear Thomas the tank engine PJs to nursery with light up clarks because you feel that is what is you thinks right for your child or if you see someone dressing their child in the latest trendy clobber by Gucci with nike trainers on who are you to think that is wrong? Who are we to judge? I am pretty sure we wouldn’t like our child to be judged on what they wear so why judge someone who spends a lot and takes sincere pride in their child’s appearance.

As long as a child looks happy and doesn’t look neglected there is no reason for you to be concerned. If we spent more time praising each other and complimenting each others choices the world would be a much nicer place.

I want all parents to know your child might not be good all the time, they wont always go to bed early, they might not eat as much food as you would like and it certainly wont be as easy as other parents make it look on social media but THAT’S OK. Don’t ever feel you are less of a parent because your house doesn’t run on time like others. YOU are the parent, your child loves YOU regardless. Just because you do things differently does not make you or even make you question your ability as a parent.

Don’t believe everything you see, behind smiles are stressed parents. Behind a laughing child are 15 tantrums. Behind one sleeping child at 7pm is 14 nights of disturbed sleep. We were not made to be perfect; you will find your child will love you for your imperfections. Its not easy being honest but sometimes you need to be, it’s ok to admit you don’t do things perfectly, its ok to show the monster our children can be.

We need to normalise it because this false perception we are all guilty of creating when it comes to parenthood is making numerous parents question their ability to be a parent and how is that ok? We are all guilty of this. I have only just realised how hard we all try to make it look perfect.

The things that make being a parent are the things that don’t quite go to plan. The laughter after a tantrum, the morning smile after a night of disturbed sleep and the glass of wine after a stressful day. I could go on for ages but you get my drift.

We are all different and there really is no right or wrong way of doing things, not everything will work and if it does then it might not work for someone else. Just make the most of every challenge you get thrown at you because you will get through it and it will make you a stronger parent.

I wish we loved more and judged less, appreciate other parents and their choices because you don’t know what their daily struggles are. A compliment might change their day so why not give it?

This article is something I really needed to get off my chest.

Lots of love Chelsea x


2 thoughts on “Right or wrong? How about neither!

  1. Zena says:

    Well said!!!! I’ve alway got so many derogatory comments about my oldest two kids clothes! It was my choice to dress them how I liked. I didn’t like character clothing, only pjs were allowed, but that was my choice. I chose clothes that I liked and felt my kids looked nice in whether that be a £10 Primark coat or a £400 Dior one. I always used to get ppl saying ” dont you think clothes/ shoes like those should be saved for special occasions?” “No”, no I didn’t quite clearly.
    As you say it is down to the individual how they chose to bring up their children.
    My youngest on the other hand loves a character tshirt and I’m quite happy to let him. Much to the dismay of my older 2 haha

    Just do you! Is all I have to say xx


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