You were not made to be perfect.

One thing I have noticed this last week is that there are a lot of girls who are not just unhappy with their weight but are comparing themselves to other pictures of girls on social media.

This worrys me, specially for the younger generation because some of these pictures girls are looking up to are not even real.

Multiple angles, 200 different shots, editing, hold in pants, corsets, money, surgery, supplements, starvation, hardcore training go into some of these photos.

We can all have a good angled shot, good editing app but when do we stop taking it too far? Think before creating that fake image because you may have a young girl trying to make herself look like that when she’s already failed because it’s a false body shape and she has false expectations without knowing.

I have been through eating disorders, starving and depression over weight when I was younger and it can really become a demon in anyone’s life.

I am guilty for being very active over social media, one thing I have learnt is to create a positive presence.

Write, post and create posts in a positive manor to inspire and lift friends and family not to make them feel bad.

We all want to show off our physique specially when hard work has been involved so share it, include and emphase how hard you have worked.

That girl with abs and muscles works hard, means hard work and determination and it deserves every bit of praise and we should route for these people because it takes a lot to be them.

The issue that the world has is when people create that false image, a false sense of hope.

The biggest one I find is postpartum, I want a lot of women to know half of it is luck.

I snapped back and I did do a little bit of excercise and home training but it wasn’t hard work, I thank a good metabolism!

When you see these girls who snap back don’t feel bad, they are lucky and don’t feel upset and certainly don’t compare.

You look just fine, you have carried a baby and each extra lb help keep your baby alive, your body will go back to normal but it might take hard work or it might not.

YOU are the only one who can get that back, don’t compare wanting to be like someone else because you won’t ever be.

Aim for a size not a certain figure.

I wish we lived in a word where it was ok to be bigger, they make fashion so catered to a certain size which puts unbelievable pressure on the general public.

However, the knee high oversize shirt is a fierce look no matter the size (my fave).

I want you to be happy the way you are, whether it be a temporary figure just love each stage. Whether you be half way to your goal weight or happy the way you are.

Love your curves, nothing oozes more then someone who is confident.

I would rather date a happy, out going and confident size 12 then a size 6 picky eater who body shames her self every day.

I am guilty for chasing the size 6 and some people may feel like because I’m small m opinion is irrelevant but this works both ways.

I know naturally skinny girls that find it hard to put on weight, they would kill to be a size 12 with curves but their body just struggles to get there.

We as humans struggle to accept and be fully happy with our body. We always want to change things, improve but where do we draw the line?

Love who you are, every inch of it because until you love yourself fully it is impossible for someone else to love you truly.

If you have a man or woman who loves you for who you are, take a step back and listen.

You find 70% of women who want to lose weight don’t even need too.

Obviously there is a line where you need to lose weight for health reasons but still appreciate where you are now and where you need to be.

I hope this brings comfort to some who feel so down about their weight big or small, you weren’t ever created to be perfect so stop trying to be because perfect isn’t real ❤



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